5 Things Your Letterhead Needs - or Else!

Letterheads - 5 Things Needed by Law.

Letterheads are an essential form of business communication; as well as sending required information to the recipient they also communicate your brand message and values. A badly designed letterhead can make your business appear unprofessional and people will discount you as a potential supplier or business associate. As well as having a professionally designed letterhead there are some things you need to include by law, these are:

  1. The name of your company

  2. The location where your company is registered (e.g. England)

  3. The company registration number

  4. The registered address

  5. The address of any other company location unless it is living accommodation

Obviously, there are many different types of business and each of these has different requirements for their letterheads and other business communications.

Sole Traders

If you are a sole trader then you will need to include the following on your letterheads:

  • The full name of the Director

  • The company registered address


If your company trades as a partnership you will need to have these things on your letterheads:

  • The name of all the partners

  • The principal office address or an address where you can locate the partners

Limited Companies

If it is not already in your company name, then you must state that it is a limited company on your letterhead. You will also need to include the location of registration (e.g. England or Wales), the company registration number (8 numbers, or 2 letters followed by 6 numbers – unique to your business) and, lastly, the registered office address.

Charitable Organisations

In line with Section 68 of The Charities Act 1993 if your company is a charity and does not state either ‘Charity’ or ‘Charitable’ in its name, then this should be stated on all business communications – including letterheads.

Overseas Companies

All the same rules apply for overseas companies.

We doubt your company will, but if you go into administration you will need to state this on all business communications including letterheads (whether these are hard or online copies).

All of the above requirements are for both online and print versions of business communications.

At The Printing House we can print your letterheads in any size (the usual is A4), colour and design. If you already have your design then we can use it but if you don’t our Graphic Design team can design your artwork for you.



We believe in keeping things simple, so when you ask us for a letterhead quote, unless you specify otherwise, we will quote you using our ‘Navigator’ smooth white letterhead sheet, which is 100% laser guaranteed and gives a great first impression. Usually the letterheads we produce are 100 gsm, but if you need something a little more special then ask us for 120 gsm.

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As well as letterheads don’t forget you may need:

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