NCR Pads
& Forms

NCR Pads & Forms Printing

Logic would suggest that technology would make NCR pads and forms a thing of the past. (We’ve all signed for a delivery on a delivery driver’s handheld device.) But, perhaps surprisingly, NCR pads and forms seem to be here to stay.

The ease of use, portability, low cost and toughness are all factors in NCR documentation success. Handheld electronic systems incur costs to set up, install servers, supply handsets and train staff. Then if you change the information you need to capture you need to revisit all of the above!

NCR pads are simple and when you are nearing the end of your supply, you can check if the content needs updating before ordering a reprint.

So what do you need to know when asking us for a quote on NCR Pads?

1. Quantity. How many pads will you need, the more you order, the more the unit price will decrease. Why not ask us for prices for a few quantities so you can compare costs?

2. Size. A4 & A5 are the most common (and are cost effective to produce), but any size is possible.

3. Number and colour of the leaves. For example, most books have a top copy in white, and are either duplicate (two leaves in total) or triplicate (three leaves in total). The other leaves are available in colours like blue, yellow, green and pink.

4. Numbering. Will the pads need numbering?

5. Finishing. Most pads are supplied with a grey board back, glued at the top & supplied with a separate manilla protector sheet (to stop marking the set below the one you are using).