Why our Personal Artwork Checking Service is Essential to Getting Your Printing Right...

Personal Artwork Checking

Most printing companies offer an artwork checking service, carried out by a computer which simply checks the size of the artwork and crops it to fit the specs of the print, potentially distorting and reducing the quality of your design.

Here at The Printing House, we don’t think this is enough so a member of our team will personally check your artwork to make sure it will fit the print specs and look as you want it to when it is printed.

Our Graphic Design team will check:

  • The quality of the images

  • The size of the file and whether this matches the intended print size

  • The crop marks and the bleed

  • The fonts (are they correctly embedded)

They will also check the colours and decide whether these will work well with the type of print you have ordered.e.g., if it’s going to be printed onto a mesh banner the colours may fade slightly when printed, so it’s better to opt for brighter colours in the design.

Your artwork file can be quickly and easily uploaded using Mail big file online which will be sent directly to a member of our team to begin checking over.  The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 2GB and, when uploading multiple files, we suggest zipping or archiving these first. We will then contact you (via the email address you have entered) with any changes we feel necessary or to tell you that your artwork is great and ready to go to print!

Either way you’ll get a personal response from a human, who has taken the time and effort to look over your artwork, rather than a message from a computer simply telling you the size of the image is okay!

Any changes we recommend can be made by yourself or by our graphic design team for a small fee; our goal is to make sure your image is perfect and ready for print.

Unfortunately, we can’t check everything and, due to the nature of the information, these are some of the things we can’t check for you:

  • Spelling, content and grammar

  • Email addresses

  • Dates and times

  • VAT number or company registration number

  • Addresses

To make sure this information is correct we recommend double and triple checking it and asking someone who hasn’t created the text or artwork to look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Read our blog on proofreading here

Some types of artwork you create that you might want us to check are:

All of which we print here at The Printing House.

Contact us for a quote on 01270 212100 or enquiries@theprintinghouseltd.co.uk or click here.