Letterhead Printing

Every business needs letterheads, not only are they a key written communication tool, but they are one of the primary ways of communicating your brand and brand values (everything about your company). Letterheads say something about your business, from what paper you choose, to your logo and the overall design.

Professional letterheads can be the thing that turns someone from an interested customer to a paying customer. Whether you want to go all out or keep your letterhead basic, it is important to get them from a reputable custom letterhead printer such as The Printing House Ltd. We will guide you through the process and, with our artwork checking service, you will be confident that your letterheads will look professional.

Don’t have your artwork already designed? Ask our Graphic Design team to do this for you and for a small fee they will create professional and personalised letterheads which incorporate your brand messages and values.

We believe in keeping things simple, so when you ask us for a letterhead quote, unless you specify otherwise, we will quote you using our ‘Navigator’ smooth white letterhead sheet, which is 100% laser guaranteed and gives a great first impression. Most letterheads we produce are 100 gsm, but if you need something a little more special then ask us for 120 gsm.

Most letterheads are printed in full colour, we just need to know are they single sided or double sided. We can also offer a range of special effects such as foil blocking or embossing.

That takes care of the aesthetics of letterheads, but don’t forget that there are also legal requirements that must feature on your letterheads. Read our blog post to find out all about these.

As well as letterheads don’t forget you will need:

All of which we can print here at The Printing House Ltd.

LED-UV Colour Vibrancy

Our LED-UV press means that your letterheads no longer need to look dull next to the rest of your print; our special inks mean that the colour jumps off the page.