Why Business Cards are Still Essential in This Digital Age?

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Why Business Cards are Still Essential in This Digital Age

Some people see business cards as old-fashioned and outdated, but we disagree. There are many reasons why business cards are still essential today and, in some cases, have the edge over digital methods of connecting with new and existing customers.

  • Digital devices are everywhere, from the phones we always carry with us, to tablets, desktop computers and even smart watches! But nothing can be faster to get your details across to someone than simply handing over your business card. As well as handing over your details to others it is also a quick and hassle-free method of other people giving their details to you. Networking has never been easier.

  • Some people do not own digital devices – I know, how do they function? Believe it or not some people prefer to stick to pen and paper, especially in particular industries such as small handmade gift services which have no need for digital devices. In this case an email, or LinkedIn message would be useless for getting your details over to this potential customer and this is where the business card comes into play.

  • Business cards, unlike the internet, have no ‘downtime’. Meaning you can access them 24/7, anywhere and everywhere.

  • If your business is small and isn’t well known then business cards provide a sense of legitimacy to potential and existing customers.

  • Your business cards double as a promotional item; if they are on people’s desk, in their bags or in their car they will be seeing them all the time. So why not list your available services and products on the back of the card to get your brand in front of the customer 24/7.

Business cards also engage the touch sense, which is the sense that is most memorable for your customers. They will remember whether they are soft to touch, rough, whether they felt thick or thin and whether they had any special design features.

Here are some tips to creating an unforgettable business card:

  1. Include all the vital information first, such as your name, job title, email address, phone number and office address, before you start adding any extras.

  2. Choose a legible font, we all love fancy and funky fonts but your business card is small so you need to choose a font which will be easily read.

  3. Get your business cards professionally printed. This will make a huge difference to the quality of your cards and save you time and money.

  4. Design your cards with your audience in mind. If your audience is professional and business-orientated then stick to plain colours and fonts, but if your audience is young people then use brighter colours.

  5. Choose your finish and paper type carefully, both these things contribute to the message you are putting across to your customers. Usually business cards are printed on 350gsm paper with a silk finish, but we also offer a gloss or matt lamination.

  6. If you have enough space, use a call to action such as ‘Call me today’ on your business card to encourage fast action by the customer. But don’t allow this to make your design too cramped.

  7. Consider special touches to give your business cards that extra something! Finishes such as spot UV varnish and foil blocking make your cards look a cut above the rest and stand out from the crowd.

We love business cards here at The Printing House and we think they are the mainstay of networking. Get a quote with us today for printing your business cards! Don’t have print ready artwork? Our graphic design team can come up with something for your business cards (for a small fee). Click here, email enquiries@theprintinghouseltd.co.uk or call 01270 212100 for a quote today!