5 Tips for Promoting Your Dog Grooming Business!

Pet Grooming with a Golden Labrador

5 Promotion Ideas for a Dog Groomer

It is often difficult to find somewhere local to get your dog groomed, that you trust and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

  1. Loyalty Cards – Offer a loyalty card scheme to your customers, where every time they bring their dog in for any treatment they get a stamp and after a certain number of visits they get a free treatment or a discount off their next visit! This will encourage repeat custom and will get your customers to spread the good word about your business.

  2. Leaflets and flyer drops – Print and distribute flyers or leaflets locally to promote your services. These leaflets should include a list of your services, special offers or vouchers, contact details and a large graphic/call to action which will encourage the person receiving it to quickly engage with you.

  3. Posters in local areas – Hang posters advertising your business in local areas including relevant shops and spots such as the park or popular dog walking routes. These posters should display your services, contact details, a graphic, a call to action and any special offers which will encourage people to use your services over other dog groomers in the local area.

  4. Facebook page – Set up a Facebook page for your business where you can post pictures of your work, where your current clients can review you and where you can offer exclusive 'online discounts. This page will help your business reach a larger audience and encourage more people to use your services because of the photo evidence and the customer reviews.

  5. Extras - Offer extras to your customers that the competition doesn’t, such as a pick up and drop off service for the dogs, a free nail clipping service, free dog treats and toys to keep the dog happy etc. This will put you a cut above the rest and allow you not to lower your prices but to promote your services as special.

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