Spot UV Varnishing


Spot UV Varnishing

A print finishing process that applies a shiny, UV cured varnish to specific areas of a sheet. Often used to highlight pictures, logos or text.


The Printing House is almost unique in that we apply Spot UV varnish in-house, keeping control of quality and timings to give you our best service.

We can Spot UV varnish on our LED-UV litho press, or on our digital press, meaning we can Spot UV any quantity at a competitive price.

We're really proud that we are one of the few companies in the UK who SPOT UV varnish in-house, so please call us on 01270 212100 and ask us for samples; we'd be delighted to send them to you and answer any questions you may have.

Due to the porous nature of uncoated paper, Spot UV varnish doesn’t work as well on an uncoated sheet but looks amazing on coated sheets, ideally silk to create a contrast between the gloss varnish and the silk paper.

Using our new LED UV press we can now print our Spot UV Varnish in-house where most print companies have to outsource this process. This gives us a time-saving advantage and allows us to retain full control of a job from start to finish.

We can also Spot UV varnish directly onto a sheet that has been matt or soft touch laminated. 

Hyper Gloss UV Coating 

This is the similar process as Spot UV varnish except it covers the entire sheet, for large quantities this can be a more cost-effective solution than gloss lamination.

It gives an all-over glossy look and is flexible enough to cope with folding or creasing without cracking.