What Branded Invoices Can Do for Your Business

Mockup of a Branded Invoice Pad

What branded invoices can do for your business

Invoices are one of the most important business documents you will come across ensuring you get paid by your customers and are used when it’s time to do your taxes. As well as this, your invoices can be a great marketing tool. In this blog post you will learn about why you should brand your invoices, how to do this and what your invoice should include to be legal.

Why should you brand your invoices?

  • When sending your invoices to customers if they are branded this portrays your business’s messages, values and goals and keeps your brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

  • It helps to build reputation and trust with your customers.

  • Can gain new business through referrals.

  • Makes employees feel inspired and proud to work for your company.

  • Supports advertising and marketing as it puts your brand in front of the customer and targets a very specific audience who we know already have an interest in the brand.

How to brand your invoice

To brand your invoice you will need to include your logo and your personal details as this is the first step to letting the customer know it is you invoicing them. You should also use your company colours, font and layout to enforce your branding.

If you want to make the customer feel special you should also include a personalised message – as well as making them valued this will encourage them to pay the invoice.

What must your invoice include?

  • It must clearly state that it is an ‘Invoice’

  • Unique identification number

  • Your company name/address/contact information

  • The company name and address that you are invoicing to

  • A clear description of what you are invoicing for

  • The date the goods/services were supplied

  • The date the invoice was raised

  • The amount being charged

  • The VAT if applicable

  • The total amount owed

If you are a Sole Trader your invoice must include your name and any business name being used as well as an address where any legal documents can be delivered to you if you are using a business name.

If you are a Limited Company your invoices must include the full company name as it appears on the certificate of incorporation and if you decide to include the name of any directors on your invoice you must include ALL their names.

If both you and your customer are VAT registered you can issue a VAT invoice. To learn more about what a VAT invoice must include click here

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