So You’re Doing an Exhibition and Need Graphics for Your Stand....

Twist Exhibtion Banner Stand

Okay so you’ve made the decision, you’re goingto attend an exhibition, you’ve booked the stand, what now?

If you are a veteran exhibitor then you have probably used a wide variety of banners and pop-ups to make your stand visually appealing. - some with more success than others!

If you are new to exhibitions, read on and I’ll try to explain why we, at The Printing House, feel we have the perfect solution for you.


Twist is modular, really tough, takes up a tiny amount of stand space, is so easy to use, and can be added to anytime. Here are 9 reasons why twist modular displays are the best solution for exhibition graphics.

1. Traditional shell schemes eat into exhibition stand space but the twist can fit right into the corners of the space and takes virtually no floor space up.

2. Shell schemes and pop up systems often come in large storage cases which are difficult to transport and allow the graphics to move around inside which can lead to damage. The twist stand comes in much smaller cases for easy transportation and there is only one way of packing the graphics and stand into it, meaning that nothing will get damaged during transportation. The top of the case can be used as a stool to reach the high parts of the stand and the case transforms into a counter top for use during the exhibition.

3. The twist stand is manufactured in the UK in Skipton, and all parts used in it come from a 50 mile radius of there. This means that the carbon footprint of manufacture is very small as well as supporting a UK manufacturer (most other systems are manufactured in the Far East).

4. The base of the stand is very light and stable even though it is made of steel for durability - the cut outs on the base are to decrease the weight. The base touches the floor only at the four corners unlike a traditional pop up. This allows the twist stand to self-adjust the graphics line up and the evenness of the floor is no longer an issue. Bases are available in black & silver to suit your chosen colour scheme.

5. There are several standard heights for the stand (usually 2000 mm or 2250 mm tall), but if you need a particular height, we can make it to order.

6. The twist modular display stand is designed so you can have lights front and back and graphics front and back. Many exhibition halls don’t have the traditional crisscross set up so graphics to the back of the stand as well as the front are crucial.

7. The lights are colour correct LEDs which replicate daylight, most competitor stands use halogen which creates a yellow tinge to your graphics. This is important as you can spend a lot of time on the design and then the lighting can undo all that good work.

We can set up a deonstrator at our offices in Crewe so please let us know if you would like to see it. For more information and a price with a CAD Drawing, call us on 01270 212100 or email us at

Don’t forget, as well as producing your twist modular exhibition stand we can help you with brochuresleafletsbusiness cards, presentation folders etc for your show.