5 Reasons Why You Need to Give Branded Workwear to Your Employees


We all recognise the Police Officer or the postie due their branded uniforms and workwear. It helps us identify who they are and gives them an air of authority. So why should your business offer your employees workwear?

1. Improved customer perception – It is proven that by creating and projecting your brand image onto workwear your standing with customers can be improved, your employees can look professional, competent, friendly, and accessible, depending on what workwear you choose.

2. Improved internal relationships – Wearing uniforms across all areas and at all levels can be part of a strategy to remove barriers, flatten hierarchies and improve internal communications.

3. Brand awareness & brand positioning – Getting your logo out there and being proud of it will promote your brand.

4. Employees benefit – Many employees are thrilled to have a uniform; gone are all the costs and decisions of what to wear for work.

5. Reduced claims – It’s not uncommon for employees in an industrial environment to claim for damage to their clothing due to the nature of their work. Industrial workwear is ‘fit for purpose’ and much less likely to be damaged.

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