LED-UV Printing Press Investment

SG World Crewe Headquarters. The Printing House Base.

Now we've settled into our new home at SG World in Crewe, we thought we'd let you about our latest investment.

We have installed a B2 Sakurai 5 Colour LED-UV Printing Press with coater, but what does that actually mean for you.

LED-UV inks dry instantly, which means that the ink sits on the surface of the paper, as opposed to being absorbed. So Colour Vibrancy is amazing, which is especially noticeable on uncoated papers where print can often look dull. At the same time it is very eco-friendly as power consumption, ink usage and solvent usage are all significantly reduced.

We can also apply a Spot UV Varnish in-house, which makes us almost unique in the world of commercial print. The full range of creative effects we can now achieve is extraordinary, and we are just touching the tip of the iceberg at the moment. But include;

  • Printing on plastic sheets

  • Printing onto Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

  • Printing onto Window Graphics (inc Static Cling)

  • Drip Off Varnish - a combination of crystal effect and spot uv varnish.

For more information on LED-UV Printing and how to maximise it's creative effects please contact our sales team on 01270 212100.