Spot UV Varnishing is a Print Finishing process that applies a shiny, UV cured, varnish to specific areas of a sheet.
Often used to highlight pictures, logos or text. Due to the porous nature of uncoated paper, Spot UV varnish doesn’t work on an uncoated sheet, only on coated sheets, ideally silk to create a contrast between the gloss varnish and the silk paper.

Matt Lamination & Spot UV Varnish

This is perhaps the ultimate combination, the matt lamination gives the tactile ‘classy’ finish and the Spot UV varnish highlights & brightens the selected areas.

Rollercote UV Varnish or all over Varnish

This is the same process as Spot UV Varnish, except it covers the entire sheet, we prefer to use a gloss lamination to achieve an all over glossy look as a varnish can crack when folded.


For friendly help and advice on spot uv varnish or for a quotation, call us on 01270 212100. Alternatively, please use the links below.

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