Instant Drying LED-UV Printing & Uncoated Paper

eter Harrison (The Printing House), along with Keith Swift & Liz Green (Reaseheath College) press passing their new prospectus

Our LED-UV press has been installed now for 3 months and is far exceeding our expectations. One of the most obvious benefits is how vibrant and detailed a result we now get on uncoated papers and boards and this is because of the instant drying. On a conventional press the inks absorb into the paper and a couple of hours after printing the fine detail, and much of the colour vibrancy, has been lost as it has absorbed into the paper.

LED-UV doesn't suffer from this as the inks dry instantly, 'freezing' the image onto the paper exactly as the designer intended it to look., thus giving vibrant colours and fine detail like hair is preserved without the edges 'softening'.

Uncoated paper use in on the increase and is being used for a variety of purposes, so with it's perceived 'trendy' image it's often used for college prospectuses. We were approached by Reaseheath College of Nantwich, to print their new prospectus onto uncoated paper and the end result is stunning and far exceeds previous prospectuses printed on uncoated paper. The areas of solid colour had depth that almost jumped off the page and images had a previously unavailable clarity.

There are many other uses of uncoated papers with catalogues, brochures and leaflets being just a few, so ask us about how LED-UV Printing could make your printed items come to life by calling 01270 212100 or emailing us.

You can read about our LED-UV Press on the Print Business News website

Pictured are Peter Harrison (The Printing House), along with Keith Swift & Liz Green (Reaseheath College) inspecting their new prospectus. The prospectus was printed on the LED-UV press on uncoated paper, the instant drying gives much more colour vibrancy and detail than a conventional press.