LED-UV Litho Colour Printing


LED-UV Print for the Ultimate in Colour Vibrancy

LED-UV printing is a new technology that allows the ink to dry instantly, so there is very little ink absorbed into the paper. It keeps all the benefits of traditional lithographic printing like high volumes and high quality.

This allows you to take advantage of:

  • Amazing colour vibrancy (even on uncoated paper)

  • Print onto plastics such as Polyart, static cling, self adhesive vinyl and transparent acetate

  • No marking from inks that aren't totally dry

  • No spray powder - no silvering when laminated

  • Low power usage = greener than conventional lithograph printing

  • Fast turnaround

We're really proud of our LED-UV press, please call us on 01270 212100 and ask us for print samples, so you can see how great your print could be too.

Most customers see the biggest improvement in colour vibrancy on uncoated papers. On a traditional press the ink would absorb, and dots would grow meaning that colours become subdued and muddy, and details becomes less sharp.

LED-UV printing dries on contact, so there is virtually no absorption, colours remain as vibrant as the designer intended, and details such as hair and facial features remains sharp.

Using our LED-UV printing press we produce promotional literature, brochures, leaflets, magazines, newsletters, static clings, self adhesive vinyls, catalogues, company stationery, price lists and much more. With an offset press, the ink from the plate is transferred to a rubber blanket, and from that blanket onto paper. This is done using the fundamental concept that water and oil do not mix.

At The Printing House our 5-colour LED-UV lithograph press runs 16 hours a day, allowing us to turn print orders such as brochures, leaflets, wall planners, prospectuses and annual reports around quickly and efficiently.

LED-UV technology means that the ink dries instantly, allowing us to achieve better colour vibrancy than our competition on a much larger range of papers, plastics and self adhesive vinyls.

Using the same LED-UV process on our press we can add SPOT-UV Varnish in-house and also print amazing drip off coatings.

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