Embroidery VS Printing - Which is Best for my Employee Workwear?

Left - Printed Logo via DTG (Direct to Garment) Right - Embroided Logo

Embroidery VS Printing: Which is best?

So, you’ve decided to get branded workwear for your employees? Great choice!

If you’re still playing around with the idea, here’s some things that may help you decide.

  1. Branded workwear is essential to get your brand recognised, especially when your employees are out and about (For example, on their lunch break or coming to and from work).

  2. It benefits your staff as they don’t have to buy their own work clothes or struggle to decide what to wear each morning.

  3. It brings a sense of consistency and togetherness to your employees.

  4. Its free advertising when your employees wear them!

  5. It makes your business look more professional.

  6. The return on investment is high for sales, morale and production.

Still not decided? Read our workwear and clothing page to find out more.

Now you’ve decided on getting branded uniform, you need to decide whether you want it to be embroidered or printed - both have pros and cons.


Embroidery is the longer lasting of the two methods. The threads are coated so they look and perform the best they can plus, once the design has been embroidered it appears 3D which adds a nice effect to your workwear.

Embroidery is only suitable for smaller designs as, when doing larger ones, it can begin to look messy and has more potential to snag or become torn. There is a small digitisation fee when you want to embroider but once done this digitisation lasts forever – if you don’t change the design.

Direct to Garment Printing:

Printing is the most effective method for making strong colours stand out, but once printed the design can look flat, rather than 3D like embroidery. For printing, the surface needs to be completely smooth rather than textured (like a polo shirt) which limits the type of items you can print onto.

So, what’s best for me?

Here at the Printing House we love both methods for different things. If you are looking to create a day-to-day uniform with your logo on for 50 employees – we would recommend embroidery. But if you were looking to print a large colourful design onto a sweatshirt for an event – we would recommend direct to garment printing. Talk to our team on 01270 212100, enquiries@theprintinghouseltd.co.uk or ask a question here on what would be the best option for you.

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