5 Promotion Ideas for a Local Coffee Shop

Local Coffee Shop

5 Promotion Ideas for a Local Coffee Shop

If you walk down your local high street you will see an abundance of coffee shops, including big franchises and small local family-run businesses. So to survive in this big bad world you will need to think outside the box with your marketing and promotional ideas. In this blog, we’ve got 5 ideas to get you started…

  1. Loyalty Cards
    What’s the best way to get people coming back to your shop time and time again? Offer them rewards every time they visit! There are 2 main ways to do this, the ‘Collecting points’ way where for every pound spent at your shop the card holder gets a point which they can then use against future purchases.; or a card which after 6 drink purchases entitles the card holder to a free drink. Both loyalty cards offer an incentive for the card holder to return to the shop and make repeat purchases. These loyalty cards also make a good marketing tool as people will see their friends/family using it and be drawn to visit your shop.

  2. Pavement Signs & A-Boards
    The best time to attract people into your coffee shop is when they are walking past or nearby, looking for somewhere to eat or drink. To do this you should use pavement signs and A-boards. These stand on the pavement outside your business or nearby and can display things such as special offers, daily specials and your location (if the board is located away from your business).

  3. Feedback Cards
    These are a great way to gain feedback to improve your business and for customers to feel like they are ‘shaping’ your business to suit them – meaning they will return as they will be seeing more of what they like.

  4. Flyers with vouchers
    Flyers are a good way to get your information to passing customers or by door drops. But once the flyer has been received, how do you know that it will bring in business? The best way to increase these chances is to include a voucher in your leaflet. This voucher should encourage people to come into your coffee shop and make a purchase – for example offering them a free drink with every cake bought or 50% off their first purchase. This is also a brilliant way to track Return on Investment (ROI).

  5. Free WiFi!
    Offering free WiFi to your customers is a way to bring in more foot traffic as well as encouraging them to spend more time on the premises. Free WiFi often attracts people who want to work away from home for a few hours or people who want a less formal setting for a meeting. Try encouraging your customers to post an image of your coffee and cake on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using a specific hashtag (Free advertising!).

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