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Leaflets and Flyers are the mainstay of marketing, no matter how clever technology seems to become, there is no replacement for being able to pick up a leaflet and keep it for further inspection, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a tourist attraction to keep the kids happy on a rainy day, or choosing bathroom fittings for your new bathroom, a leaflet is still a valuable part of the marketing mix.

There are a great many variations on leaflets and flyers, the most popular being either an A4 double sided, often used for a handout at exhibitions, or a 1/3 A4 6pp, designed to fit in a pocket or leaflet holder. But the possibilities are an endless range of sizes and page counts. To keep HMRC happy you need to remember that the paper needs to be fairly thin and if there is a form to fill in it should be small. If you can meet these criteria then your leaflets and flyers will be exempt from VAT, which if you’re a small business who can’t reclaim it can make all the difference.

Some ideas on leaflets for you.

  • We can print off ten to several hundred thousand leaflets
  • Why not try something different – an A4 4pp landscape creates a really great promotional document
  • Our most popular sizes are A5, 1/4 A4 and A4 – but if you’re posting them remember that postage is cheaper for A5 & 1/3 A4
  • Think about what your call to action will be, it's no use showcasing your products if the customer thinks ‘how nice’ and promptly forgets
  • Design matters – if you don’t already have a graphic designer then just ask us for help, for a small cost it can make all the difference
  • Our LED-UV Printing Press means that no matter what paper you choose it will be dry instantly with colour vibrancy that is unsurpassed in the industry.




Wheelwash Leaflet

Sales Blueprint Leaflet


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