The Rise of Advertising Postcards

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Why have advertising postcards become so popular?

Long gone are the days of sending catalogues containing hundreds of products to potential customers in the hope they will spot one thing out of thousands that they like which leads them to order. Nowadays it’s all about tailored advertising postcards.

Most marketing received by customers is digital – in the form of emails, phone calls, text messages and social media. So, when your customer receives a physical mail out, they will feel like the time has been taken specifically to tailor the communication to them, print and send it out, ultimately making them feel special.

What are the benefits of advertising postcards?

  • Your audience can be targeted closely using a mailing list. You can target as closely as where the person is located, what their interests are, how many employees they have and what sector they operate in etc. Whether you create your own list or use a mailing list service you must have permission from the person who will be receiving the postcard.

  • They are affordable to produce and to post and have a high Return on Investment (ROI).

  • It is easy to track your results – especially if you put a personalised discount code on the card or a personalised link for people to follow.

  • They don’t waste people’s time as you are sending them to an extremely targeted audience with a certain set of interests.

  • They can be used for many different types of customers including B2B and B2C.

Are there any problems with advertising postcards?

  • There is limited space to use so try to use graphics and smaller snippets of text to convey your message.

  • “Junk Factor” - there is potential for the postcard to be received by the customer and simply thrown away or placed under papers on a desk, only to be picked up at a much later date.

  • You will require a mailing list with permission from each person who will be receiving the postcard.

  • You will need to send several mailings before you see a result.

What should you include on an advertising postcard?

To make your direct mail postcards effective you should include short, bold headlines, eye catching graphics and a large call to action. You should make use of both sides and be sure to use your branding and house style. As well as having a call to action you should include a special offer, such as 10% off with a special code or a free gift if you show the postcard – this also helps you to track ROI.

How often should you send an advertising postcard?

Around 10-12 times a year.

What service do we offer?

Here at The Printing House we not only offer a design and print service for your advertising postcards but we can pre-print your addresses on the postcards and mail them directly from our offices taking all the hassle away from you.

We can print any size, any colour and any shape, with no minimum order. To get a quote call 01270 212100, email or click here.