What’s Multi-Coloured and Green All Over?


It seems that everywhere we look there is a story about plastics, so we wanted to eliminate as many plastics from our print and packaging process as possible...

We have brought in a range of Eco Mailing Bags which means our postal bags are now made using Reverte -  a family of oxo-biodegradable products. After your post bag is discarded the Reverte additive is activated by natural sunlight, this accelerates catalytic reaction to break the carbon-to-carbon (aliphatic) bonds at a molecular level and introduce oxygen into the polymer chain. In essence the polymer is altered into a group of materials which are both available for biodigestion and are biodegradable.

We've tried these with great success over the last few months on items shipped by our clothing brand, vectorbomb and they have proven reliable even when shipping to the other side of the world.

At The Printing House we’re always looking for new ways to combine sustainability with clothing that makes you look good and feel good about the environment.