7 Steps to Leaflet Success

7 Steps To Leaflet Success

7 Steps to Leaflet Success

Leaflets and flyers are the mainstay of marketing, after all, there’s no replacement for being able to pick up a leaflet and keep it for further inspection whether you’re looking for a tourist attraction to keep the kids happy on a rainy day or choosing bathroom fittings for your new bathroom.

Here are 7 things that will make sure your leaflet is a success.

  1. Make sure your headline is short, concise and says everything you want it to without going into too much detail. This is so people feel inclined to read the rest of your leaflet rather than just reading the title and making their decision based on that.

  2. Have a large eye-catching graphic on the front of the leaflet to draw people’s attention in and highlight the products/services you offer. For example, if you produce award-winning cakes then feature your most popular one on the front of your leaflet.

  3. Make the most of the back of your leaflet, include detailed information about your product/services such as the things you offer, a bit about your company and your contact details.

  4. Include a large call to action (CTA) on your leaflet. If you can only include it on one side then choose the front, but it’s best to include it on both sides if you have enough space. The CTA should encourage fast action e.g. ‘Call us Today’ or ‘Email us now, this offer won’t last long’.

  5. Ensure your house style/corporate identity is used throughout the leaflet including the font, colour and images. This helps people to recognise your brand and shows your professionalism.

  6. Your logo should be positioned in the bottom right hand corner of your leaflet, on both the front and back.

  7. Add a time-bound offer to encourage people to purchase/interact quickly. Such as ‘For 7 days only we are offering 15% discount for any items purchased’.

It is also important to choose the correct paper type and size. The most popular sizes are A4, ¼ A4 and A5. The usual paper type chosen is 350 gsm silk, add that extra something by choosing from a range of finishes such as gloss, matt and satin touch laminate.

Here at The Printing House our dedicated printing team will take the time and care to print and finish your leaflets to the highest standards. We can produce any quantity of leaflet in any size, colour and shape. If you are interested in a quote then ring our sales team on 01270 212100, email us at  enquiries@theprintinghouseltd.co.uk or click here.

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