Invitation Printing

No event can happen without an invitation, so whether it’s a wedding, summer ball, awards ceremony or AGM we can help.

Examples of Invitations

Standard Invitations

Sized at either A5 or A6 and printed either single or double sided in full colour onto a 350 gsm silk board. You can also ask for 400 gsm as an option.

Laminated Invitations

As our standard invitations, but with a matt or gloss laminate applied to one or both sides. Matt laminate adds a tactile, ‘silky’ finish that instantly gives an impression of quality, whereas gloss is more of a dramatic finish which lifts colours.

Variable Data / Personalised Invitations

Again as our standard invitations, but we mail merge your data, print the invitation AND the name and address etc in one pass. This means the invitations look very professional and don’t need to be written on. Taking this a stage further, you can design the invite to look like a postcard, so once the name and address is added it can be dropped in the post with no envelope or label needed - we can even post them for you!

Foil Blocked Invitations

Again as our standard invitations, but with a coloured metallic foil applied, usually to enhance a logo.

White Ink Invitations

We have the ability to print in white ink onto a coloured or metallic board allowing unusual effects to be achieved. For instance, an invitation in the lead up to Christmas could be printed in white onto a board that is red in colour, giving a festive feel.