Psychology of Colour


Choosing the right colour for your brand is a tricky task, get it wrong and it could send the wrong message to your customers, but get it right and it will make a world of difference to your marketing and branding efforts.

In this blog post, we are going to look at some different colours and what message they will give your customers if you choose to use them.

  • Yellow – Shows optimism, clarity, freshness, warmth and brightness. Brands such as Ikea, UPS and McDonalds use yellow in their logo and marketing efforts.

  • Orange –Is friendly, cheerful and bright. It makes the business seem confident and modern. Brands associated with orange are Fanta, Tango, Amazon and Firefox (all forward-thinking brands with innovative marketing campaigns as seen on TV and social media).

  • Red – Red is often perceived to be an angry colour, but it can also show excitement, boldness and youthfulness for a brand if used in the correct manner. Brands such as Coca Cola, Pinterest, Netflix and Lego all use red to emphasise their fun and friendly manner.

  • Purple – A colour used by big brands including Cadburys, Yahoo and Hallmark. This colour represents creativity and shows that the company is imaginative and wise.

  • Blue – Blue is one of the most commonly used colours for logos and marketing. Companies such as Facebook, Oreo and HP use blue in their logos to show that they are a trustworthy, strong and dependable company.

  • Green – This represents growth, health, peace and environmentally friendly companies. Green is recognised globally as representng recycling and environmental health. Companies who use this colour are also seen as bright and dependant. Some examples of companies who use green in their logos and marketing are Starbucks, Spotify and Land Rover.

  • Grey and Black – Although grey and black can be considered boring and dull, they are perfect for businesses who want to show that they are balanced, neutral and calm. ‘Monotone’ logos are also good for modern businesses who want to be clean and sleek. Brands including Wikipedia, Puma and Apple have grey and black logos, which are very simple but are one of the most effective logos of all time.

Make sure when deciding on a colour for your brand that you choose one that portrays the message you want to and matches the rest of your brand. If you are unsure what colour would suit your brand then why not carry out a survey with your customers to see what they think? Or look at competitors and other businesses who are positioned where you are aiming to be and who market to the same audience as you do, to see what works for them.

Ensure your logo colour matches the logo style. For example, if you have a bold logo with thick lines and graphics, then choose a bold colour. Whereas if your logo is a ‘hand drawn’ style then choose a subtler colour.

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