Creating the Perfect Exhibition Stand… The ‘Zen Approach’

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Here at The Printing House, we know what it takes to create the perfect exhibition stand. After years of working with marketing agencies and businesses, we’ve gathered the best inside trade secrets on what it takes to make your customers and delegates stop, look and pay attention to your exhibition space.

One inside trade secret is the Zen approach. No longer reserved for wellness retreats or budding yoga practitioners, the Zen approach is now applied to exhibition stands with some sound marketing reasoning behind it. So what is the Zen approach and how will it boost your exhibition stand?

The hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall

The hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall

1. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy trade show, zen will help you stand out from the crowd.

Exhibitions are busy, noisy and colourful places; cue huge headaches and a desperation for peace and quiet by 11am! Organisations typically use their stand space to be louder, brighter and bolder than the rest; an innate terror of the competition makes it natural for exhibitors to assume that whoever shouts the loudest will win the most attention from delegates on show day.

However, stands with a Zen approach will look light and bright, feel welcoming and open and give off a positive, friendly vibe. They consist of banners with a paler colour palette, feature plenty of lighting and bring elements of nature to the space. Amongst all the other stands shouting out for attention, your space will not only be a welcome break from all that ‘noise’ for delegates but will also allow you to stand out from the crowd in the most positive way possible.

2. Your stand will, metaphorically, have its arms wide open!

A light, airy stand with an open-plan feel will, metaphorically, have its arms wide open to your delegates. Think about it; a stand that’s dark in colour, with thumping music and an industrial style won’t be anywhere near as welcoming as a light, airy, open stand space.

Don’t worry; if your organisation’s brand style is industrial and stylishly dark, then you can still achieve Zen without compromising your brand. For instance, if yours is an online street-style store and your go-to theme is dark and moody with urban tunes, then switch it up to a light and cool twist modular display system with more relaxed R&B tracks. Easy – and oh-so-good for summer.

3. Your delegates won’t want to leave…

…why would they? Their headache has gone, they’re feeling loads calmer after witnessing a colour and noise explosion and your calm stand is subliminally making them feel good. This is exactly what you need; the longer they are on your stand, the more meaningful the conversation you can have with them – resulting in good quality leads and sales. In fact, you may just find yourself wondering when they’re going to leave so that you can grab yourself that coffee!

4. It taps into nature… which taps into people.

How did you feel the last time you went to the beach, sat in the garden or indulged in a long walk? Chances are you felt pretty good, refreshed and calm. This is why of the Zen approach of including elements of nature is a really good idea.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on real plants; artificial turf, foliage and trees work just as well. After all, it’s simply the power of suggestion of nature that you’re trying to achieve. No Alan Titchmarsh skills or budget required!

‘brother’ successfully use the zen approach on their stand… notice the pale colours, use of lighting, open plan effect and artificial turf

‘brother’ successfully use the zen approach on their stand… notice the pale colours, use of lighting, open plan effect and artificial turf

5. People will remember you for the right reasons.

Some marketers will argue that drumming up negative feelings – whether they be fear (the insurance trade) or inadequacy (the diet industry) – is an effective marketing tool. Unfortunately, we know that this method works when used in the right way. However, there is also strong evidence to suggest that making consumers feel good is another effective marketing tool (for instance, Coca Cola market a happy lifestyle). People buy into positivity and the feel good factor, which is a win for them and a win for you.

By using a positive stand space that is light and bright, feels welcoming and open and gives off a positive vibe, your delegates will be attracted by a stand space that is making them feel good – even if they don’t consciously realise it at the time.

In summary – how to achieve Zen without compromising your brand:

  • Switch up darker colours and music with a paler palette and more chilled out tunes. Use calmer music from the same genre and paler shades from your current branding palette.

  • Remove any furniture that blocks the perimeter of the stand and, if possible, take down frames from shell-scheme stands.

  • Introduce more lighting.

  • Use artificial turf or plants around the stand.

  • Use a relaxed yet smart dress code.

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