20 Ways to Help You Focus at Work - Especially on a Friday!


20 Ways to Help You Focus at Work - Especially on a Friday!

Sometimes it gets a little difficult to focus your mind at work, you have loads on and you just don’t know where to start or you are lacking motivation to get you going for the day! Here are 20 things to help get you focused at work but if none of these work…you might just be overdue a holiday!

  1. Keep your work space neat and tidy, there’s nothing worse than having nowhere to put anything or having to look at all the work you have yet to do.

  2. Split your big tasks up into smaller ones to make them more manageable and so you can see your progress.

  3. Give yourself a specific time frame in the day to check your personal mobile/emails and when you are not in this time put your phone away in your bag/desk to keep focused on your work.

  4. Don’t set unrealistic goals that you know you will most likely not achieve or it will take you a long time to achieve – this is demotivating and won’t help you to progress.

  5. Prioritise your jobs. This helps you focus on what needs to be achieved first and means you will work on one thing at a time rather than feeling overwhelmed.

  6. Make sure you are comfortable in your chair, as back and shoulder pain will make you feel demotivated and can also cause serious health problems.

  7. Choose to eat healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day rather than sweets, chocolate and crisps. These will help you to feel healthier and will make you feel more energised rather than stodgy and weighed down.

  8. Listen to the right kind of music to keep you motivated, Spotify is great as they build specific playlists for motivation in different genres – so there is something to suit everyone in your office and keep them going throughout the day.

  9. Drink plenty of water! This keeps you hydrated, awake and helps you to stay healthy.

  10. Focus on one task at a time and don’t try to do too much at once. This will potentially make your work of a lower quality as you aren’t as focused and cause you stress as you will have too much on.

  11. Indulge in tea and coffee. If the water isn’t quite doing it for you, then treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, this will give you a burst of energy and keep you full between meals.

  12. Write a simple to-do list. This will help you to complete your tasks more efficiently and show you the progress you have made throughout the day, motivating you to do more.

  13. Schedule your breaks so that you have regular intervals away from the computer screen. As well as ensuring you avoid headaches and eye fatigue it also helps you to refocus your mind.

  14. Take your lunch break away from your desk. Even if you sit in the cafeteria or eat in your car! Eating your lunch away from your desk gives you a break from your office and gets you ready to smash the afternoon!

  15. If you are struggling to complete all your work or you feel like someone else would be better at the job then delegate or share your tasks amongst your team. This will help to lighten your load and ensure the work is done to the best quality it could be.

  16. Set timers – for example give yourself 10 minutes to do a piece of work and set a timer so you don’t spend any longer than necessary on it. This keeps you on track!

  17. There’s nothing better than fresh air to wake you up and keep you focused. Crack open a window to keep motivated.

  18. Have a plant on your desk! This doesn’t seem like it would be very motivating but plants such as spider plants and aloe vera purify the air around us. So, having a desk plant has health benefits and keeps us breathing easy while at work.

  19. Add some motivation to your desk, such as motivational quotes or a picture of your family so you know what all the hard work you put in is for.

  20. When you finish work – finish! Try not to take your work home with you unless totally necessary as you need time to rejuvenate and relax before starting a new day. failing to do this will make you feel like you didn’t leave the office and you will feel demotivated the next day.

Doing all these things will help you to stay motivated whilst in work and ensure you perform to the best of your ability. If you do something in your office that helps you to feel especially motivated then let us know in the comments – we’re always looking for new ways to keep ourselves motivated!

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