10 Ways to Promote your Hair Salon Effectively

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10 Ways to promote your hair salon to new and existing clients

Hair salons are everywhere so you need to make yours stand out from the crowd and make customers want to come to your salon rather than someone else’s. Read these tips to find out some ways to promote your hair salon and why you should do them.

  1. Set up a selfie station in your salon where clients can take a picture with their new haircut and post it on social media with your salon’s hashtag. Get your hashtag and salon name printed on stickers to put on all the mirrors in your salon; this way it will be in any pictures taken. As an extra incentive, offer anyone who posts a picture with your hashtag a free head massage or 10% off their next visit.

  2. Hold a “super sale” twice a year offering 30% off products/services to both existing and new customers. Promote this sale with leaflet drops to local homes and business, banners inside and outside your salon and by telling your clients coming into the salon during the weeks running up to the sale.

  3. Offer loyalty cards to your clients which encourage them to come back time and time again. These could offer a free upgrade of service level on the clients 6th visit to the salon, for example. It gives an incentive for your clients to come to you rather than a competitor and if you provide excellent service they will be your client for a long time.

  4. Send out postcard/flyer mailers with the details of your salon on including name, phone number, email address and any social media channels. Also include a voucher or coupon that the customer can bring in to get money off a service or a product. This also makes for easy and accurate Return on On Ivestment (ROI) tracking.

  5. Ask your clients for feedback on your salon, products, services and staff. This will help you to improve as a business and make your customer feel involved with your business and come back again. Offer a reward incentive for their valuable feedback, for example a free head massage if they take 5 minutes to give you feedback.

  6. Allow your customers to buy gift vouchers redeemable on any product or service in your salon. This will encourage them to buy for other people such as friends and family, which means new customers! But it will also encourage them to ask for the vouchers for their birthdays/Christmas encouraging repeat custom. Promote these gift vouchers in store with a display stand or via an email/text.

  7. A-boards and pavement signs are a great way to promote your business to local people and other local businesses. They stand on the pavement outside your business, or nearby, and can display things such as contact and social media details, special offers, daily specials and your location (if the board is located away from your business).

  8. Creating lasting bonds with other local businesses is a great way to promote your hair salon. For example, partner with a local beauty parlour and you can each make recommendations to your clients about the other. Recommendations are often more trusted than advertising so this is a great and inexpensive way to bring in new customers and improve your business reputation.

  9. Business cards are a great tool to promote your business; hand them out in the street to people you meet, attach them to receipts/booking confirmations or leave them in other local businesses – whatever you do with your business cards make sure they are exceptional quality and convey your business message and values.

  10. Branded workwear is essential to promoting a business’s identity, image, advertising as well as employee wellbeing and morale. Think about when you walk into your local shop or into a business you want to buy from – if they were all in their own clothes wouldn’t it seem a bit weird? Whereas if they were all in professional, high quality branded workwear you would get a better impression of the company and be more inclined to purchase from them. Therefore, branded workwear is essential to your salon to make your customers feel at ease and give a professional vibe.

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