5 Methods of promoting a Vintage Clothes Shop

Thinking of new ways to attract customers to your Vintage Clothes Shop? Check out our blog post for some ideas to give you a head start!

September 12, 2017

5 Ways to promote your Vintage Clothes Shop

The next blog in our series of ‘How to promote your business’ is all about how to promote a Vintage Clothes Shop. We believe there’s no better feeling than rooting through the rails in a vintage shop to find a real gem – and at a bargain price! Here are some ways that you can promote your clothes shop to local people and potential customers all over the globe!

  1. Emphasise your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Already you are completely different to every high street shop and most online merchants, but you have many other USP’s you could emphasise to your potential and current customers. For example, you could offer a free mending/alteration service to anyone who buys from your shop, which will encourage people to purchase from you even if it is too big or too long as they can get it altered!

As well as offering an extra service to your customers you could specialise in a certain brand of Vintage clothing e.g. Levi’s, Adidas or Wrangler! This will attract people who are interested in those brands and will also give you something specific to push for your promotional activities.

Make sure whatever your USP is make sure that you highlight this in any marketing and sales efforts. Otherwise you will get lost with all the other clothes shops simply selling clothes!

  1. Use Social Media to your advantage

Everyone is on social media, so what better way to reach people from all over the globe for free? There are many different places where your business can hold a free account (with paid advertising and boosting options available) our favourites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

These channels not only help you to promote certain products, offers and events, but they also allow you to build up a ‘Brand Image’. This image is things like what your brand stands for, and what their morals are – as well as what the owners are like and what trends they are into.

  1. Hold ‘Sale Days’ once a month

What better way to attract new and existing customers to your store as well as getting rid of current stock to make way for new items?

 Hold ‘Sale Days’ at least once a month, where you offer anyone visiting the shop on that day something like 40% off everything they purchase or a ‘Buy one get one free’ offer. Also offer exlusive offers, gifts or hold competitions on these days to attract more customers.

  1. Voucher Codes

Increase sales and make your brand visible to a larger audience by offering voucher codes for customers to use against purchases. Send out these codes via email campaigns, on physical mailouts (Postcards, flyers etc) or by posting the codes on your social media. These codes are also a good way to track your Return on Investment to see what works and what doesn’t for promoting your business.

  1. Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards simply encourage customers to return again and again to make repeat purchases. As well as this the cards also get your brand out there.  Make sure to get your loyalty cards professionally printed and designed to match your brand style – otherwise they will make your brand appear dis-jointed and cheap.

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