Die Cutting
To Shape


Die Cutting is an incredibly versatile process and is used for creating a huge array of different products. From putting a simple crease in a brochure cover to creating complex blotting paper shapes for the medical industry, not to mention presentation folders.


It all Starts with a Cutting Forme

Cutting formes are the core of the process consisting of a sheet of plywood with metal creasing rules or cutting rules meaning they can be straight or bent to almost any shape. The cutting forme is loaded into our die cutting machine which forces the forme onto the paper leaving either a crease or a cut depending on the type of rule used. The most popular use of die cutting is presentation folders and we have a large number of cutting formes for you to use, in A4 or A5, with and without capacity.

Unusual Die Cutting Projects

Die cutting can also be used for more unusual products, often for Point of Sale use. As long as we can make the cutting forme, anything is possible.

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