Full Colour Printing


Whether it’s spot colour or full colour (CMYK) all processes have something in common, quite simply impressions of ink or toner are transferred onto paper. It’s the use of colour that determines how special your print will be. Spot colours from the Pantone® range includes metallics to lift your brand off the page or add effects, full colour printing gives you the full spectrum for illustration and photographs, full colour print is our most popular type of print.

Full Colour Printing (CMYK)

Full colour printing takes several forms, it can be inkjet (large format or apparel printing), toner based (digital printing), or conventional (litho LED-UV printing). All use four inks mixed in different quantities using a screen pattern to produce multicolour images.

These four inks are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Colour produced using these inks is referred to as process colour, CMYK or full colour printing and commonly used when literature contains photographic or illustrative content such as brochures or leaflets.

LED-UV Colour Vibrancy

Our LED-UV press dries the ink instantly, giving better colour vibrancy than almost any competitor. It also allows us to print on a range of plastics and vinyls.

Spot Colour Printing / Special Colour Printing

Spot colour printing (Only available for LED-UV litho/offset printing) is a method that uses a different ink from the Pantone® Colour Library (PMS) for each colour. By using this process it is possible to achieve exceptional fidelity and vibrant colour reproduction.

Normally reserved for corporate stationery where single, two or three colours are used to create the corporate brand, but can also be used to great effect for adding extra definition to a four colour process print as fifth and sixth colours.

Special colours are available from the Pantone® Colour Library (PMS) including metallic, fluorescent and 2-pass high definition colours. These can be used to very special effect with full colour and spot processes. Black with bright spot colours, half tone images with metallic inks can all add something different to your print in a market where you need to stand out from the crowd.