Invoices Printing

In a similar way to Letterheads Printing, every business needs to have invoices printed. Invoices whilst important in re-inforcing branding,

aren’t viewed as needing to be on the highest quality paper or use special effects such as Foil Blocking.

So when you are ordering invoices, we usually only need to know, are they single or double sided, how many, and will you provide print

ready artwork, or should we quote for the design as well. We will usually specify 80gsm laser guaranteed paper for invoices unless you

tell us otherwise.But there are key things you need to remember when using invoices, this applies to the printed version and also to any

digital versions you may use.

Invoice Printing Legal Guidelines

All invoices must;

  • Clearly display the word ‘invoice’
  • Have a unique identification number
  • Company Name, Address & Telephone Number
  • Company name and address of the customer you’re invoicing
  • A clear description of the goods or services being invoiced
  • The date the goods or services were provided
  • The date of the invoice
  • The amount(s) being charged
  • VAT amount if applicable
  • The total amount owed

You can find out more information on the UK Goverment Website

Guidance for Sole Traders

Sole traders can trade under their own name or choose a different business name. When choosing a business name that is not your own name, you must include your own name and the business address on all letterheads and order forms.

Guidance for Partnerships

Your invoices must include the names of all partners and main business address. If there are many partners then you can say where a list of partners may be found.

Limited Companies

Your Invoices (printed and PDF versions) must include:

  • Your full registered company name
  • There is no need to include the names of the directors on the letterhead for a limited company, but if you choose to name directors all directors must be named


For friendly help and advice on invoices or for a quotation, call us on 01270 212100. Alternatively, please use the links below.

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