Compliment Slip Printing

Compliment Slips (derived from 'with compliments' slips) are great for writing a short note to a customer, putting with a package, or just leaving in reception so callers can take your contact details.

There are a few options for producing compliment slips in terms of paper and ink colours. The minimum order quantity is 100 copies.

Examples of Compliment Slips

Standard Compliment Slips

Compliment Slips are usually 210mm tall by 99mm tall, our standard compliment slips is printed onto a 100gsm uncoated letterhead sheet. It can be printed one or two sided and you have a choice whether to use spot colours or stay with full colour print.

120gsm Compliment Slips

As our Standard Compliment Slips, but printed onto a 120gsm uncoated letterhead sheet.

Premium Compliment Slips

Printed as above, but onto a premium paper in a 120 or 140gsm. We often use a sheet called Vision Superior, which is a very smooth white stationery sheet.

LED-UV Colour Vibrancy

Our LED-UV Press means that no longer do your compliment slips look dull next to the rest of your print, our special inks mean that the colour jumps off the page.



For friendly help and advice on compliment slips or for a quotation, call us on 01270 212100. Alternatively, please use the links below.

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