We Can Embroider Anything

Embroidery & workwear is one our fastest growing area of business. In 2017 we have doubled our embroidery capacity and increased the number of types of item we can embroider. We use the most high-tech embroidery machines on the market to allow us to offer the highest quality of embroidery at a competitive price.

We can Embroider anything from a Polo Shirt to a Jacket, but also some more unusual items like Holdalls, Horse Blankets, Towels, Hats, Tablecloths etc.

We realise that buying workwear can be a daunting task, but we specialise in walking you through all the buying choices that you need to make, so that you end up with all your employees looking smart and promoting your brand. Simply involve us at an early stage and we promise to make the process painless.




For friendly help and advice on embroidery or for a quotation, call us on 01270 212100. Alternatively, please use the links below.

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