LED UV – give your uncoated print the “HDTV effect”.

Do you remember when the first digital HDTVs hit the high street – the high resolution image changed the whole viewer experience.

July 11, 2018

Do you remember when the first digital HDTVs hit the high street – the high-resolution image changed the whole viewer experience. Hold that thought because this is what a LED-UV Printing can bring to your uncoated printed collateral.

Uncoated paper stock is enjoying a renaissance as creatives types (marketing & graphic design bods) favour the charm and elegance of a naturally tactile finish, the tactile finish also enhances how memorable your message is as it also engages more senses.

Additionally, if you are using special effects like foil stamping, uncoated stock provides a higher contrast to really showcase these special little touches. However, on the downside, uncoated print will be flatter and more muted, losing some of the fine definition, almost like good old fashioned poor tv signal with 'noise' on the screen. But not with our market leading LED-UV Press, which can give graphics designers & Marketers the best of both worlds. Colour vibrancy with detail AND a Naturally Tactile Finish.

Now for the science bit. An LED-UV Press has a unique drying technique called UV curing which uses light rather than heat. Consequently, it only takes a fraction of a second to dry the inks meaning they don’t have time to sink into the porous uncoated substrate which leads to the slightly “fuzzy finish” usually associated with uncoated print.

If you use uncoated stock for your marketing print there’s never been a better time to move to LED-UV printing. 

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