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Whether you want to express your feelings about Donald Trump or simply let people know about your products and services...

August 01, 2018

Whether you want to express your feelings about Donald Trump or simply let people know about your products and services large format banners and signage are the perfect media to get your message across. Trump’s state visit brought thousands of protestors out into the streets and we saw a huge variety of striking, witty and just plain rude banner designs.

Outdoor Banners

Source: Getty Images

The above image shows simple messaging and effective use of a question .  .  .   clearly readable from a distance   


Source: Getty Images

Match your message to your audience – a Venn Diagram reference might not have worked in another context but presents no problems here! 

Orangutan Banner

Source: Design Week

A lot of work has been put into this one, dramatic use of symbols – religious and iconic landmarks and maybe a subtle nod to the many Trump orangutan memes out there.

However, if you’re looking more at promoting than protesting there are a few design tips to follow when coming up with a design. The beauty of a large format banner is that it gives you loads of space to be creative but don’t be tempted to try and cram everything in. Identify the main purpose of your banner and focus your messaging around this but do remember to include your contact details and any relevant social media links.

Have a think about positioning – remember people will read from top to bottom and from left to right. Get your most important information such as a specific offer or logo at eye level.  Choose your materials well, use a good quality, tough vinyl that will resist wear and tear and retain its original colour depth when exposed to the elements. Whatever you’re promoting, a tatty banner won’t be putting your company and products in the best light. Finally think about what fixings to use, transparent eyelets will keep your banner firmly in place without encroaching on your design.

Whatever your message, go large to make an impact.


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