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11 July 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

LED UV – give your uncoated print the “HDTV effect”.

Do you remember when the first digital HDTVs hit the high street – the high resolution image changed the whole viewer experience.

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04 July 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Are you a paper sniffer? You're not alone!!

Are you one of those people who will open a new book or magazine and enjoy the chemical, slightly acrid smell of fresh print?

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27 June 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Is digital really greener than paper?

Paper vs digital media is an ongoing debate with paper often demonized as being old fashioned and environmentally unfriendly. Recent controversy and backlash over the sustainability of plastics ...

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20 June 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

GDPR – Good News for Print

GDPR has certainly become a four letter word and we apologise for bringing it up again but we just wanted to check that everyone understands it isn’t the death knell for direct marketing.

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13 June 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Die cutting – how and when to use it

Die cutting is a way of creating innovative marketing collateral to really make your brand stand out. We can cut, and Crease materials with precision, from pop-up elements to more detailed punch-outs

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