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17 July 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

5 Things your Letterhead needs - or else!

Letterheads require 5 things to be displayed on them by law - not sure what they are? Read our blog to find out more.

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11 July 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Why should I use outdoor banners?

Outdoor banners are essential to be able to promote your business to local people and turn them into paying customers.

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29 June 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Notice Something Different about us?

There's something different about us, read this blog article to find out what it is and why we've changed.

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06 April 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

Profile: Peter Harrison – Joint Managing Director

Peter Joined The Printing House in 1997 as Design Studio Manager. Now Joint Managing Director and looking after key accounts.

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27 March 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

Profile: James Cox – Graphic Designer

James started at The Printing House in January 2016. He is a key member of the design team and is always willing to go the extra mile.

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