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18 July 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

What’s multi-coloured and green all over?

It seems that everywhere we look there is a story about plastics, so we wanted to eliminate as many plastics from our print and packaging process as possible...

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27 June 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Is digital really greener than paper?

Paper vs digital media is an ongoing debate with paper often demonized as being old fashioned and environmentally unfriendly. Recent controversy and backlash over the sustainability of plastics ...

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20 December 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

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25 October 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

What is CMYK?

We hear the phrase CMYK on a daily basis in the print industry - but do we really know what it means and how important it is?

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14 September 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Environmentally Conscious Printing

Here at The Printing House Ltd we want to make our print processes as environmentally friendly as possible. Read our blog post to find out how we do this.

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