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25 June 2019 Author: Peter Harrison

LED UV Print – how clean hands means better brands

Following the same print job through a traditional and LED UV printing press to see how each process works, how it impacts the end result and why this matters

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11 July 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

LED UV – give your uncoated print the “HDTV effect”.

Do you remember when the first digital HDTVs hit the high street – the high resolution image changed the whole viewer experience.

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04 July 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Are you a paper sniffer? You're not alone!!

Are you one of those people who will open a new book or magazine and enjoy the chemical, slightly acrid smell of fresh print?

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27 April 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Instant Drying LED-UV Printing & Uncoated paper

On a conventional press, the inks absorb into the paper and much of the colour vibrancy is lost. LED-UV Printing is different, Instant drying gives stunning uncoated paper results every time.

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20 September 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Psychology of Colour

Ever wondered what certain colours do to people's emotions or why brands choose certain colours for their logo and marketing? Read this blog post to find out more...

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