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22 September 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Get ahead by ordering Winter Workwear now!

Now is the time to start thinking about how to keep your staff warm during winter whilst still being able to do their job effectively! Read our blog post to find out how to do this

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16 August 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Embroidery VS Printing - Which is best for my employee's workwear?

Struggling to decide whether Embroidery or Printing would be best for your workwear? Read our blog post to help you decide.

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08 August 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

The benefits of branded staff uniform

Why is branded workwear so important and what are the benefits to having it? Read this blog post to find out and to also discover what we offer here at The Printing House.

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15 March 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

5 Reasons Why You Need to Give Branded Workwear to Your Employees

We all recognise the Police Force or the Postie due their uniforms. It helps us identify who they are and gives them an air of authority. So why should your business offer your employees workwear?

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04 May 2016 Author: Peter Harrison

Get Your Workwear Here!

We have taken a step into Workwear production, to make this happen we have invested in the latest, fastest and best quality embroidery machine on the market.

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