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23 August 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Creating the Perfect Exhibition Stand… The ‘Zen Approach’

Here at The Printing House, we know what it takes to create the perfect exhibition stand. After years of working with marketing agencies and businesses, we’ve gathered the best inside trade secrets...

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01 August 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Banner Top Trumps

Whether you want to express your feelings about Donald Trump or simply let people know about your products and services...

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11 July 2017 Author: Molly Mahony

Why should I use outdoor banners?

Outdoor banners are essential to be able to promote your business to local people and turn them into paying customers.

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16 March 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

So you’re doing an Exhibition and need Graphics for your Stand…

Twist is a modular, really tough, takes up a tiny amount of stand space, is so easy to use, and can be added to anytime. Here are 9 reasons why Twist is the best solution for exhibition graphics.

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