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25 June 2019 Author: Peter Harrison

LED UV Print – how clean hands means better brands

Following the same print job through a traditional and LED UV printing press to see how each process works, how it impacts the end result and why this matters

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19 June 2019 Author: Peter Harrison

JICMAIL Research Uncovers Power of Print

JICMAIL the Joint Industry Committee for Mail has shared its latest research on how often people interact with their mail.

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14 December 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Jeanette Hopkins Wins Employee of the Month November 2018!

Congratulations to Jeanette Hopkins, The Printing House Office Administrator, who has won Employee of the Month for November 2018!

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05 September 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

It’s Just Paper… Right? When Paper Type Matters

Here at The Printing House, we really value the importance of using the right paper for the job. In fact, we’d go as far to say that after 27 years in the industry we’re now fully fledged paper geeks!

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23 August 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Creating the Perfect Exhibition Stand… The ‘Zen Approach’

Here at The Printing House, we know what it takes to create the perfect exhibition stand. After years of working with marketing agencies and businesses, we’ve gathered the best inside trade secrets...

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