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13 June 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Die cutting – how and when to use it

Die cutting is a way of creating innovative marketing collateral to really make your brand stand out. We can cut, and Crease materials with precision, from pop-up elements to more detailed punch-outs

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27 April 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

Instant Drying LED-UV Printing & Uncoated paper

On a conventional press, the inks absorb into the paper and much of the colour vibrancy is lost. LED-UV Printing is different, Instant drying gives stunning uncoated paper results every time.

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28 March 2018 Author: Peter Harrison

LED-UV Printing Press Investment

Now we've settled into our new home at SG World in Crewe, we thought we'd let you about our latest investment. We have installed a B2 Sakurai 5 Colour LED-UV Printing Press with coater..

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20 December 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

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27 November 2017 Author: Peter Harrison

SG World Acquires The Printing House

Exciting times at The Printing House as SG World takes its first steps into commercial print.

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