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Printing is often perceived to be non-environmentally friendly. At The Printing House Ltd we have worked hard to make sure that we source all our raw materials in an environmentally responsible fashion, and that we use a minimum amount of energy to produce our finished printed products. As well as having a strong recycling initiative in house to make use of any unwanted printing or scrap paper.

Solar Panels & LED Lighting

In September 2015, we invested in a 200 Panel, 50KW Solar Panel System, this means that a significant amount of the electricity we consume to produce print and workwear is generated by the sun. On a really sunny day, we can actually give back over half the energy we consume back to the grid, we feel that this makes us a truly green energy consumer.

Also, in 2015, we replaced every light in the building with LED lighting, which uses significantly less energy than conventional lighting. As we work in a colour sensitive industry, the LED lighting also has an added bonus, in that it replicates natural light. So everywhere in the building we can see our printed items and workwear as if it is in daylight. The difference this makes is significant, traditional fluorescent tubes found in most printing companies will make everything appear to have a yellow tint. This helps us offer a complete colour managed workflow for everything we print.

Clothing & Workwear, Decoration and Printing


Embroidery is one our fastest growing area of business. In 2017 we have doubled our embroidery capacity and increased the number of types of item we can embroider. We use the most high-tech embroidery machines on the market to allow us to offer the highest quality of embroidery at a competitive price. We can Embroider anything from a Polo Shirt to a Jacket, but also some more unusual items like Holdalls, Horse Blankets, Towels, Hats, Tablecloths etc. Embroidery is an incredibly green process, using very little energy and no chemicals at all to create vibrant Branded Workwear, Bags and Hats.

Direct to Garment Clothing Printing

DTG or Direct to Garment Printing is inkjet technology designed to print a full colour image using cyan, magenta, yellow & black inks onto a cotton substrate such as a T-Shirt or Hoodie. The pre-treated garment is then placed on a flat surface and printed using the inkjet, finally, to cure the ink it is placed in a heat tunnel. Once this is done the garment is then wash resistant and durable. Again, this print process has almost no waste, uses very little energy and is much greener that alternative print methods such as screen printing.

Litho & Digital Printing

We run two digital presses, we have a high-speed Xerox Colour 1000 press, this is a real workhorse of a machine, giving great colour reproduction and quick turnarounds. We have invested heavily to ensure that we use only paper from sustainable sources, very little energy, and almost no chemical wastage.


For friendly help and advice on environmentally conscious printing or for a quotation, call us on 01270 212100. Alternatively, please use the links below.

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